Why Kaito Coffee was born.

February 01, 2016


We’d like to share with you why Kaito Coffee was born.

Here is our story:

We've always loved coffee. Like many others, it plays an important part in our daily lives; a part that brings happiness in many different ways. Thing is, like many others, we were not always aware of the truth behind coffee.

There existed a time when we didn't know where the coffee we drank came from. We didn't question how it was processed. We didn't know that the coffee we were drinking was usually a mixture of many types of coffees, from different places, of different qualities. We didn't know that this mishmash of coffee had to be roasted to the point of burning out the inevitable flavour flaws, resulting in that roasty, toasted, burnt, bitterness that we'd grown to accept. We didn't know that the farmers growing and processing coffee are so underpaid, they can barely provide a decent life for themselves and their families. We didn't know that coffee as a commodity is an unsustainable model.

What we did know is that we loved coffee. And when you love something, naturally, you want it to be the best. We were always looking for ways to make our daily coffee experience better; trying different brewing methods, different coffee beans, different grind settings. It is our love for coffee, and all that came with it, that initiated the amazing journey that led us to this point.

Along the way, we learned that coffee is a fruit; that the coffee bean is actually the seed of a little red berry. It grows on bushes in mountainous places all around the equator and takes incredible amounts of labour to harvest and process. We learned that coffee is seasonal. We learned that coffees from different places taste different. We learned that different coffees within a certain region can taste different too. We learned that coffees are unique. We learned that there are people out there who support farmers producing coffees of fantastic quality. We learned to roast coffee. We learned to roast it in ways that brings out its full potential. We learned coffee was an amazing resource that the planet offers us, and we learned to appreciated it more, to taste it more.

With knowledge comes responsibility. We now feel a responsibility to share all of this with as many people as we can. So we are opening a coffee roastery. We are going to source coffees of superior quality and roast them with love and care for anyone to enjoy. We are part of what is called the "specialty coffee" market, and we share the "third wave of coffee" philosophy. But we most like to define ourselves as a craft coffee roastery that applies a wholistic approach to our work... 

However, in reality, we'd love to be rid of all these labels. We'd love that the kind of coffee we, and others like us, offer, becomes a widely accepted standard.  

Holly & Paul

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