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How A Specialty Coffee Roaster Chooses Their Beans. Part 1/3

August 26, 2020

How A Specialty Coffee Roaster Chooses Their Beans. Part 1/3

A few weeks ago I asked our love letter subscribers what they might want to learn more about on our blog with regards to Kaito, coffee and how that connects to their lives.

I got some awsome insights and suggestions. Thank you to all who replied!

What’s that now? You want to send in some ideas too? Well, woohoo! Hit this link and send me a note. 

One of our coffee lovers wanted to know more about the process of how we choose our coffee beans. I think it’s a great question to start addressing today! 

Ready? Set? Here goes:

The way we choose our coffee is deeply rooted in Kaito’s mission and values. 

We roast high quality, responsible, specialty coffee. While our roaster, Paul, has been to Brazil to meet and visit the Barbosa family that grows, harvests and processes our LØVE beans, we do not physically go to every origin to source new green (un-roasted) beans ourselves. We are a very small company and our focus and expertise in on roasting. There are other people out there who are experts in sourcing. 

Sourcing coffee is a complicated affair. In addition to the physical distance to the coffee producers, one must consider the varied political, social and economic climate of each coffee producing region. You have to be deeply knowledgable about coffee as an agricultural product and the ins and outs of importing and exporting, the rules of crossing borders, the details of storage and transport. You have to have experience in that. You can't just show up and be like, oh hey, I want to buy some green coffee beans from you. Especially if you’re not planning to buy massive amounts of beans. 

That’s why we work with small, very specialized coffee importers that are masters at not only finding exceptional green coffees and navigating the sourcing landscape mentioned above, but they are also invested in and committed to the sustainability and advancement of the coffee producers, their land, their families and their communities. You can read more about why that’s super important not just for us but for coffee in general, here or here

Here is a list of the importers we love to work with. We encourage you to check them out and see what they’re all about. We’re sure you’ll be impressed by their work and their passion, and you’ll understand why we choose to partner with them. 

These fanstastic coffee scouts, they go out and find amazing coffees and they send us samples of the kinds of coffees we are interesteing in adding to our offering. These samples usually range from 100–300g of green coffee beans. We sample roast the beans, so that we can taste them in a coffee cupping, to see which ones stand out to us most. 

Wait. Sample roast? Cupping? What the heck am I talking about?

Instead of turning this post into a novelette, let’s make a series out of it, shall we? 

Stay tuned for my next posts that will discuss, sample roasting and coffee cuppings in detail. 

Meanwhile, leave me some comments below!




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