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Our story

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Our story

About Kaito

Located in the heart of Hudson, Quebec, a picturesque and charming town just 45 minutes from Montreal, Kaito is a coffee roaster sharing his love of coffee with you through his carefully roasted coffee beans. After all, coffee always tastes better when it’s shared.

Kaito aspires to make prestigious coffee more accessible and affordable for everyone. With caring and transparency as our guiding values, we continually strive to make the most delicious and sustainable coffee possible, and to share what we love with others who care as deeply as we do.

Kaito was born from the passion for this divine beverage and from a conscience for the environment, and from wanting to offer true coffee lovers an eco-responsible cup and a bean with inimitable flavors.

A word from

our founder

Kaito is born from a passion for coffee. Every day I drink coffee, and every day, I’m simply passionate about it, because I believe in a phenomenal roasted coffee taste and an excellent coffee experience.

Being a native from Germany’s coffee capital, Bremen, a lovely town southwest of Hamburg, with fantastic people, this drink’s always been important to me and is part of my culture.

During my very childhood, every morning, I would roam on my bike through the streets of Bremen, detecting roasting factories’ exceptional fragrance, smells telling a story, smells that, without me realizing it at the time, would implant indelible memories deep inside me. And then I was telling myself that one day, I would found my own coffee company. And I kept this within me for a long time until today, Kaito is finally here.

What I want to offer, with this product that we present before you, are the passion mentioned above, the culture, the essence, the flavours and especially the experience. Because if coffee isn’t an experience, it is rather pointless.

Now let’s share a cup!

Eberhard Von Huene

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Eberhard Von Huene


”Let’s turn great coffee
into phenomenal coffee.”

Reasons to love our coffee

Our coffees are roasted every Monday to guarantee you the freshest beans.
We roast specialty coffees to the highest taste and quality standards (over 84 points).
Our beans are ethically harvested, roasted in an eco-friendly coffee roaster and packaged in compostable bags.
Our family-owned coffee roasting business - fueled by passion and dedication for our customers, our farmers and these remarkable beans.
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