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Our Story

Founded in our hometown of Hudson, Quebec, Kaito aspires to make the simple luxury of great coffee more approachable and accessible to all. With mindfulness and transparency as guiding values, we continually strive to make the most delicious and sustainable coffee, and to share what we love with others who care as deeply as we do.

An extensive spectrum of flavour experiences can be found in each cup of coffee, and our burning desire to share these incredible possibilities is what inspires our relentless pursuit of learning and improvement at all stages of production. 


Responsibly sourced green coffee from specialty producers around the world provides the foundation of our operation, as we look to build strong and equitable partnerships with like-minded people interested in building awareness and communities while bettering the practices and product of the coffee industry.


Once in our hands, we look to preserve the highest degree of quality from our specialty grade green coffee and, with our beautiful Loring roaster, we mix equal parts craft and shameless nerdiness into meticulously developing just the right roast profile to unlock the full potential of nuanced flavours inherent in each bean.


Curating our coffees into coloured collections (Blue, Yellow and Red) based on their flavour profiles, we encourage the exploration and discovery of a dynamic spectrum of taste experiences with friendly guiding advice designed to help you get the most out of your daily ritual. Flavour is a journey that matters only in the context of you and your enjoyment of the cup in your hands, and it is our privilege to help shine some light on the world of possibilities that coffee presents.


Coffee is a beautiful thing, and our goal is to bring out and share its delicate clarity. Responsibly sourced and meticulously fresh roasted to our exacting standards, we do a lot to make your job delightfully simple—enjoy great coffee.

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