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What's with the colours?

The world of coffee is big, complex and beautiful, and our mission is to encourage discovery and exploration of the incredibly dynamic spectrum of taste experiences available to you by way of a modest cup of coffee.

Although our coffee selection changes with seasons and harvests, we offer consistency and guidance by thoughtfully curating our coffees into three coloured collections based on their inherent taste profiles.



Coffees in our blue collection are like trusty companions. you can expect a cozy, familiar taste experience with these coffees. Perfect for people looking for full body coffees, low in acidity, with flavour notes more in the nut, dessert, spices and subtle fruit categories.

Coffees in our yellow collection take you to new places. expect a vibrant and dynamic taste experience. Perfect for people looking for coffees with brighter acidity and varying mouthfeels, with flavour notes more in the fruit, dessert, flower and subtle herb categories.


Coffees in our red collection are like fireworks. expect a unique, exotic taste experience. Perfect for people looking for wondrous, and sometimes curious coffees.

If one of these collections speaks to your coffee preferences, you can be sure that whatever coffee you choose from that collection, it will satisfy your expectations. Of course, it's fun to venture into different collections too! And for each coffee in a collection, we offer further tasting notes, as well as information about the beans, the process and the place it comes from, so you can be fully informed about the specific coffee you are drinking.

With Kaito Coffee, you can be as spontaneous or as deliberate as you wish in choosing your coffee. Flavour is a journey that matters only in the context of you and your enjoyment of the cup in your hands, and it is our privilege to help shine some light on the world of possibilities that coffee presents.

The decision then becomes delightfully simple: Blue, Yellow or Red?



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