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Coffee - Ethiopia Bensa Segera

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Tasting notes: Dark Cherry, Raspberry, Floral.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo
Farm: Smallholders, Bensa Logita, Moplaco
Plant variety: Heirloom 
Plantation altitude: 2100 - 2300 meters
Processing method: washed and dried on raised beds
Harvested in: 2019


Moplaco was founded in 1972 by Yiannis Georgalis, and is now run by his daughter Heleanna. She is known for her love of experimentation and willingness to take risks in order to create a transcendent cup of coffee. Her farming and processing practices are the absolute gold standard, diverse and honed over time. The “Kenya washed process” that Heleanna uses for this coffee was inspired by the dry fermentation practices she witnessed in Kenya in order to preserve water. The coffee is depulped, then fermented in cement tanks for 36 hours before drying, bringing out a cleanliness reminiscent of Kenyan coffes along with a distinct spice character.


Each bag contains 340 grams (12 ounces) of whole beans. Don't have a grinder?

For our Canadian customers:
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