Filter Coffee - Colombia Edilma Benavides

Our tasting notes: plum butter, cocoa nibs, wildflower honey.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Consacá, Nariño
Producer: Edilma Benavides
Farm: Alto Grande
Plant variety: Yellow & Red Colombia, Castillo
Plantation altitude: 2000 meters
Processing Method: Washed, traditional fermentation 12-16hrs, dried on "patio escurrido"
Harvested in: 2017

We are very excited to offer you our first coffee from a woman producer. Edilma Benavides' farm is called Alto Grande and its terroir is just magical. The soil quality (really rich, black soil) and altitude (her house sits at exactly 2000 masl) are ideal. Plus she has chosen to grow different colours of the Colombia varietal which grow super delicious cherries with high sugar content, thus creating very sweet green coffee. Our importer, Apex Coffee Imports, was the first ever international buyer at her farm and we are happy that Edilma got a good 60% premium above the standard per pound price at the time of purchasing her lot. This delicious coffee warms our hearts and it will shine like the sun in your cup.

Each bag contains 340 grams (12 ounces) of whole beans. Don't have a grinder?

For our Canadian customers:
Buy 2 coffee bags, 50% OFF shipping. 
Buy 3 coffee bags, get FREE shipping.

We roast our coffee fresh every Monday. All orders placed before 6am (ET) on Monday will be shipped the following day (Tuesday). Orders placed after cutoff will be roasted and shipped the next week.

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